Our expertise at Colorado Craft Remodelers can be divided into three categories: Interior, Exterior, and Build.


Interior: Removing load-bearing walls by installing a structural beam is one of Colorado Craft Remodelers' specialties. When we remodel a kitchen, it is more common for us to take a load-bearing wall than it is for us to leave a kitchen configured as it is. Kitchen and bathroom projects tend to be one of our specialties, and often encompass significant updates throughout the entire home. Updating a kitchen usually involves updating the flooring and lighting in the kitchen. On most of our kitchen + bathroom projects, flooring and lighting updates extend to the entire house. And, while we're updating the flooring and lighting in other areas of the house, many homeowners elect to update the trim and to paint as well. 

Exterior: Colorado Craft Remodelers does a lot of exterior work with siding and porches. We have poured our fair share of concrete patios, and we've built a few decorative awnings. One thing we specialize in that not many companies do is siding repair. In fact, we found the need for a good siding repair specialist was so great in Denver that we even formed our own sister company to help us really focus on serving those homeowners. 

Build: The build component of our experience encompasses attached additions to existing homes as well as building Detached Accessory Dwelling Units, sometimes referred to as ADUs, from the ground up. What is an ADU? Good question. You probably know them as Mother-In-Law Apartments. Simply put, an ADU is any fully-functional living quarters that is not directly accessible from inside a property's primary dwelling unit. In the Greater Denver Area, ADUs most often take the form of a fully-functional apartment above a detached garage. We love building ADUs because they help homeowners create an income stream with their property and they're pretty affordable to build!


Colorado Craft Remodelers is a tight-knit team of dedicated professionals. But that's exactly what you would expect us to say here, right? Here's a little more about us that we hope will help you relate to us better. 


Josh Dembicki: With a field engineering and project management background in the satellite communications industry, Josh wouldn't have guessed ten years ago that he would be leading a residential construction company today. Many factors converged to bring him to this path and if you ask him how he feels about it, he'll tell you that he loves it. "This is the first time in my life that I have been able to honestly say I love my job." Josh also loves his beautiful family, which includes his wife, Tanisha, their two little boys, and their black pug, Wilbur. Josh has lived or spent significant amounts of time in ten countries around the world, to include Italy, South Korea, Israel, Qatar, Kuwait, and Iraq. In grad school, Josh studied ethics and social change, and he has a strong desire to make a difference for people on the margins of society. Last, but certainly not least, the key to Josh's heart is through his belly—Josh loves all things food and is insanely lucky to have the genetics that allow him to pursue that love. 

Tanisha Dembicki: Like Josh, Tanisha would never have guessed that she would be doing this work ten years ago. After college Tanisha spent two years teaching Business English in China before going on to earn an MBA with a focus on social enterprise. During grad school, Tanisha, together with three teammates, traveled twice to Kenya. Over the course of several months, Tanisha's team took a USAID project with expiring funding and converted it to a self-sustaining locally-run business. Tanisha developed Running Water International, a water filtration company, and handed it over to Isaac, a local man who still runs it today. Tanisha's ten years experience working in higher education gave her a wide array of skills that she utilizes on a daily business in managing the day-to-day operations of Colorado Craft Remodelers. In addition to being super businesswoman, Tanisha is super mom. Josh and Tanisha have two adorable little boys that cause them to reflect daily on their life choices. Did we mention Tanisha's freestyle rap skills? Challenger her to a battle... if you dare. 

Kevin Roach: Aside from being an incredible craftsman and our Class C license holder, Kevin is many wonderful things. Do you have a piano in your house? Or a guitar? If so, try to get Kevin to play you a song...but make sure you have him sing as well. His baritone voice is sure to woo you, as it often does when he performs his own songs at local Denver venues. Don't tell him we told you this, but as a child, Kevin competed at the Irish Step Dance. Kevin is an artist, and he expresses it in many ways, not the least of which is the way he performs his work in your home. Kevin's 12 years of experience in remodeling and renovation started in his hometown of Boston, where every project was as uniques as the 200+ year old homes he was working in. Kevin loves this work, but not as much as he loves his girlfriend, Susan, or his dog Laela. He also loves skiing, riding his motorcycle, and most of all, the "greatest one of all time," Tom Brady. 

Ike Huffman: As our finish carpenter and job sites manager, Ike is an invaluable member of the team. He's also a great guy and so fun to work with. Ike, too, plays the guitar and has a voice like an angel. Ask Ike why he has Hawaii plates on his truck. In addition to working full time, Ike is going to school for business administration and is an active member of his church community, which he moved to town to help plant. When he's not working or going to school, Ike loves spending time with his fiancé, reading poetry, and doing P90X or INSANITY. 

Dave Grimsland: As business development manager, Dave's primary focus is marketing and spreading the word about the amazing work we are doing. Dave has worked for over 25 years in the Denver/Boulder area specializing in sales and marketing for businesses of all sizes. When he is not busy with all of this he is spending time with his wife and triplet boys. He is also an accomplished pianist who plays out several nights a week. 

Bryan Rickman: Bryan's background in plumbing plays a critical role in what he does for Colorado Craft Remodelers. So does his sense of humor, peaceful demeanor, and great smile. Originally from Iowa, Bryan is happy to call Colorado home, and loves spending time in the mountains hiking, biking, and sledding. As a Project Coordinator, Bryan helps us keep our projects moving forward. 

Mike Watters: A new addition to the team, Mike's primary focus is on managing the Build portion of Colorado Craft Remodelers' business. Mike has a background in production management of new build custom home projects. Mike loves spending time with his girlfriend and hanging out with his friends, as well as skiing and playing video games. After graduating college at Auburn, Mike went back to the Northeast and spent several years living in NYC. While the big city is fun, Mike will be the first to tell you that Denver is where the opportunity is. Mike loves Colorado and is excited for all the change the Front Range is undergoing.  

Joshua Morgan: Joshua has years of experience working in two trades that play a huge role in what he does for CCR. Joshua grew up working for his family glass business and worked for years as an apprentice electrician. As a Project Coordinator, Joshua does much to move our projects along, assisting the Operations Manger with just about anything they need on a project. Sometimes, that just means being his good-natured self and brightening up the room with his friendly smile.

Joel Hubbell: Joel and Josh go back to early high school years. After graduation, Josh and Joel joined the Air Force, going to boot camp together before being separated to train for different career paths. Joel's experience working on F-15s as an airplane mechanic led to his work as a vehicle mechanic after his time in the service was up. More recently, Joel tamed his wild side to become a bookkeeper. Joel loves his many, many cats, going for long bike rides at sunset, and listening to classical music.